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lost in the des

part only?


I can't resist asking you this question...and I hope it doesn't traumatize you...Is it possible that Sprogette has worms?


All that chewing!...Does Sprogette have worms?


Sorry..I didn't think my first comment went through!


Aaaah,Mooooommmmm, I am traumatized!!

OK, I just googled worms and she has no other symptoms--no bum scratching, no nothing down there, if ya know what I mean, etc. So, phew. She's still part beaver. I think it's teething. Fingers crossed.


Never been so creative as this one. And oh, Sprogette has worms, huh? Wow! That's cool. And with regard to buck teeth, Man, I don't want to have that kind of teeth. As in a big NO-NO! I can do all the chewing with my beautiful teeth. ;]

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