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I need some kind of cookie dispenser that will provide me with one, perhaps two, chocolate chip cookies per day (and no more). If I make or buy them, I will eat 76. My roommate in first year college and I got along great except that she was a self-control guru and, in her absence, I would raid her stash of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Man, they were good...

The beaver thing -- well, she is half-Canadian, right?

I have no idea about worms and chewing, but when our cat had them he would slide along the floor on his bum. Hope that helps - LOL!


I don't buy Nutella anymore, either -- for exactly the same reason.


This is a great post, with a great idea. I need also a self control safe ...I'm not like you with chocolate or Charlotte with rabbit vibrator (gosh I laughed here) but with doritos! I can eat an entire jumbo bag of Doritos and feeling sick afterwads but not being able to stop before. For the same reason I dont buy Doritos sad! So it would be nice to have a system that after 35 doritos blocks the bag!
Ah to make you's raining in Paris!
Miss ya!



Partner in internet addiction. I found myself at a lactose intolerance support forum the other day. I don't have it and neither does anyone else I know. I was just following the long line of links that started with a two second google of an unknown word on my milk carton.

I like your safe idea. I have a 30 min email/ blog check allowance then I have to do all the housework for the day before I allow myself on again. bonus is a clean house!

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