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Hmmm. I'll have to try the lalala strategy with Jonah when he gets fussy because he won't nap. So no one can go out until the fasting time is over even if you aren't fasting? I'm surprised to hear how dangerous it is there too. Take care!

lost in the des

the pigs don’t do lalala, they do oink, oink. so I guess it’s the biped that does lalala.

Kuri & Ping

The la-la-la strategy? I employ it numerous times throughout the day, especially since DD has taken it upon herself to practice just how loud she can scream. I'm sure my new neighbors are thrilled that we've moved in. Lucky thing is that we have sound-proof windows...well, not really sound-proof, but it cuts down on the noise from outside, so I can only hope that it cuts down on the noise eminating from the screamer.

Thinking of you this Ramadan season...I don't know how you're coping, but you're amazing!!


La la la--I'm glad I'm not the only one, Kuri.

Christelle--it's not dangerous as in you'll get mugged if you go out dangerous. It's just dangerous crossing the road. Drivers. No crosswalks. Madness. That's all. Otherwise, it's very safe here.

As for Ramadan, basically all the restaurants and cafes are closed until sundown. Not that it's all that much fun going out to restos or cafes with the way the sprog is behaving these days. She's my own personal Ramadan.

Lost in the Des--we do not mention pigs in this country. Please.

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