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Lost in the Des

Maybe you could make good use of 1000$/year fee next door gym, which at 0.2$/l would give you 25000km, 2 trips across canada Montreal to Vancouver return and equivalent to 29t of CO2, which you would off-set by paying 1000$.

So what would you chose?

gym at 1000$
25000km round trip Montreal - Vancouver at 1000$ + CO2 Off-set at 1000$
walk freely?


Awwww DG. You are not living in the right place...that`s all. Thank Goodness it`s only temporary. We are in a similar situation although we can walk to shops etc. with relative ease. I long for a city like Victoria, BC with walking paths and huge parks. Some day. Some day. Some day. :)


That's it, Lost in the Des--you are so getting scrambled eggs tonight!

Here's to Victoria, BC. Or any walkable locale.

Kuri & Ping

Temporary, temporary, temporary...that's what you've got to keep telling yourself. I hope that with the change in the weather that you'll be able to start going places other than the mall. Thinking of you!!!


Amen, sister! Walkers of the world, unite!

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