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Hey Kath!! I'm back in Paris after two magnificent weeks in Italy...and I have to say it's quite difficult! Oh well I'll get used again to the hectic "Parisian" life! Hopefully...!
When are you coming in my neighbourhood?? Baci


About the dryer...I'm Italian and I could never use a dryer! Laundry has to dry outside, if possible, or inside...on a normal drying rack! Don't worry you'll get used to that! bizzzz


Always look on the bright side, eh? ;-) I was happy when we had a power failure last week because it meant I couldn't do any work online! :-P Enjoy!!!


Hey Olga, welcome back! Yes, I like line drying, BUT...I'm lazy. If there's a dryer, I use it.

Jazz, our internet has been down all morning. You will not believe all that I got done until it was fixed, just now. Back to lurking about on the net and letting piles of laundry and dishes grow.

Lost in the Des

what about dish washers? are they helpfull too?

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