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Dongurigal, you're writing up a desert storm these days!! My DD had a similar chewable giraffe, which I think was a hand-me-down from our neighbours who often give us their old hand-me-downs from the SIL who's married to a French guy... That's great that Qataris (or at least the Indonesian, etc. staff) are so child-friendly. Everyone here seems to have a Filipina kid-minder, a lifestyle thing which I can't help but pooh-pooh, HOWEVER, dang, they really are GREAT with the kids -- makes you wonder what it is with Anglo-Saxon culture and children. Enjoy the Crime Scents...


It's definitely the Qataris setting the child friendly tone--when they go out, as family, they go out in style. The whole gang is there, plus Filippina nanny or nannies, depending on the number of kids.

Perhaps I need to write a blog post on the Friday brunch buffet scene.

As for writing so much this past week, don't know what's gotten into me.

Anglosaxon culture and kids--seen but not heard.

PS You can tell your daughter that the giraffe's name is Sophie. She's an institution in France, like Hello Kitty, perhaps. Well, maybe that's stretching it.

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