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"Hubs and I are accessories to a serious sexual crime. Oh dear."

That had me LMAO! I`m sure your criminal guest will be happy to spend time at the mall. :)


Dongurigal, you're getting all poetic on us with the Monday chore poem! Very cute. ;) And I agree entirely with both the triteness and the overwhelming truth of the 'your life will change' comment.

My friend from Calgary is in town and was just telling me about how she has a lead on getting some display work at a mall in Qatar so your post is incredibly timely!! Apparently a friend of hers from Alberta is the marketing manager of one of those malls and it is out of sight. I will ask her if it happens to have a skating rink in it -- who knows, it might just be the Villagio and you will have to stick around at least another year to see my friend's mall displays as her work is FANTASTIC!!

Lost in the Des

Sproglette sounds like her mum, wakes up early and cranky in the evening ... As for the ice rink, you might be able to find the best burger ring ever there? Who knows

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