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it's the baby, oh it's the baby. i cannot even begin to address the guilt and pain i have about my children being so far from my parents. *sigh* but being with my husband is a big compensation. i know that when you are all together, you will be a happy family. missing your parents, but happy. have a safe journey!


Sorry to hear that, DG. Perhaps it will not be long before you are once again living in Sask -- hang in there!!

ann adams

It's probably a harder transition for you now that you are a threesome. I'm confident though that once the move is accomplished and you're settled in you'll be fine.

I bet it will be hard on your folks letting go of that beautiful child, even though it won't be forever.

Hugs and good luck.



Both times I was pregnant I lived with my parents in Alberta for the duration and stayed until the girls were each 8 weeks old. I can really understand how hard it is to get ready to leave, especially to far flung places.

When my parents comment on how they wish we lived closer I tell them that if we lived closer they would actually see less of us because the girls and I go home every summer and spend 6-8 weeks with them. We go home each summer so the kids have a sense of 'roots' and it has allowed them to know my parents much better than if we only went home for long weekends a couple of times a year.

Good luck with the move! Really it will all work out just fine.


((Hugs))and sympathy from Kyushu.The goodbye will be horrible BUT your DD will be there to comfort you in her own little way and it will work wonders:-)


Everyone has wise words. I have never found it as hard to return to Japan as I did after the trip we made to London when Joey was 3 months old. I had always enjoyed my life abroad but once he was born I yearned to return home to London and be nearer my parents. I know exactly how you are feeling right now and it is completely natural. Now we are near my parents I do feel bad for Joey being so far away from my PILs but at the end of the day, this way round is much better for me and that is the important thing! LOL! Being with your DH and DD will make everything OK once you get to Qatar and then you will find a way to make a home in Canada, if that is what you end up wanting to do!!


Soon you will have a friend in Lebanon too. :)

Kuri & Ping

Agree, agree, agree! Leaving will be awful (I think you're already gone?), but you'll all get through it!

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