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ann adams

I agree with you about living in the moment. You didn't miss the point; he did.

Yet another move for you? Oh dear. I hope you have a little time to recover and enjoy the baby first.


Thanks Ann--I'm fine with Qatar--city living with a new baby. Better medical, etc, although I will miss the greenery and food of Vietnam.

The baby and I will be here until March although Hubs will go there in January.


Pain? Time is closing in!

Don't worry, you'll get a handle on baby. Or rather, baby will get a handle on you. :)

Can't wait!


Cramping?? On your hands and knees?? I'd say enjoy each day like it's your last before the baby comes, because that's what it sounds like to me!!


Has my comment disappeared??

One more time: Cramping?? On your hands and knees?? Enjoy today like it's the last before baby comes as that's what it certainly sounds like to me!!!


Jean--since that post, I haven't cramped like that. Maybe it was just gas pains. Heh heh.

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