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Sometimes Saintly Nick

I concur with you on fundamentalists—all fundamentalists: Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, etc.


The storm before the calm before the storm.

Stundmullet is a huge Daniel Craig fan. If you're not over your 45 minute/day internet allowance (ahem...), you should check out Daniel Craig with Dame Edna (I think, or anyway some kind of British show)on youtube. It's absolutely hilarious.

ann adams

I was blown away by all of the above.

I agree about the apology. Say you're sorry and get out of that backward, reactionary place. Although I think she apologized immediately in the first place.


All fundamentalists can kiss my yA$$!!!! (Ah, I stay articulate.) I'm really mad because that poor teacher was found guilty and now has to spend 15 days in a Sudanese jail.

Thank you Jean for more Daniel Craigness--I will be confessing in a later post that I have not managed to wittle my internet time down to 45 minutes. I mean really. Who was I kidding?

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