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Sometimes Saintly Nick

I love your description of Chatsworth’s feline antics. I believe that Chatsworth and Alex have a lot in common. I suppose that’s logical, since they are both cats.

When I began to read you post, I came close to panic. I remembered letting Alex outside but didn’t remember letting the furball back inside and the temperature is close to freezing outside. So, I grabbed my walking stick, opened the front door and called his name. No Alex. I went to the back door and did the same. No Alex. I checked all of his usual napping spots. No Alex. The panic began to grow. Then I saw a tail sticking out from under a towel on the bathroom floor. Alex had dragged the towel onto the floor register in the bathroom, crawled beneath it, and created his own heated, uh, cat napping tent.

Silly cat.

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