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Sometimes Saintly Nick

Sorry for laughing at the woes and potential woes, but this post is hilarious.


Just what you want to find in your in-box -- an urgent message about diarrhea... :)


Considering my inbox is usually otherwise empty (my fault, I hardly email people anymore), you're right, an urgent message about diarrhea is the last thing I want. Where's my embassy tea invitation?


HĂ© you over there in Canada. I'm not sipping tea and I'm not moaning about my maid. I have nobody to do that together with so please come back to Vietnam and we will do it together :-).
Haven't seen any crocodile yet and I'm not sick yet. But today we visited the countryside, about 10 km past My Son so you never know what will happen tonight. But over there no crocodiles either!

the Dutch expat wife in DaNang!

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