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Everyone gets through it, somehow.

Remember that -- everyone gets through it, somehow.

Just concentrate on getting from one minute to the next.

Everyone gets through it.

Kuri & Ping

I remember having to get used to sleeping on my side too. I am/was a back sleeper so it was really hard to do. DH would sometimes find me on my back and push me over to my side (as I got larger and larger, it must have been something like trying to push a beached whaled back into the ocean).

About labor...hopefully this will help you out. I am the world's biggest baby. I can't even tell you how awful I am with pain (I have the world's lowest threshold) and can't even get a shot without having tears spring to my eyes. With all that, I had a completely natural birth (no drugs...must stress that point!) and I'm here to tell the tale! :) You'll be fine!! I read a book that really helped me (The Bradley Method) if you're interested. If you're nervous and want to chat, drop me a line (, OK?


I'm a total wimp with pain too. Seriously. My husband was pretty much convinced that labor was just going to completely do me in. He's seen me bawling and carrying on over a toothache, so he figured there's no way I'd make it through labor! Boy did he end up eating his words. Take that non-believing husband, I pushed a baby out all by myself, haha!

The thing is though, I too had a completely pain-relief free childbirth, and it's so true -- everyone gets through it somehow. You know, I didn't even take any classes or really prepare for it at all, I just sort of figured that when the time came, I'd know what to do. And I did (my method was to yel and cry and carry on like a big wuss, but it was effective). Sure, it hurt. It hurt like a mother, like nothing has ever hurt before, but at some level there is some sort of instinct that takes over and your body just sort of knows what to do. That's the only way I can explain it.

I'm sure you'll do just fine with labor. If I can do it then you can do it, I'm sure you're tougher than me!


Two all natural births here too. It's true, you get through it. And unless you are induced, have some other intervention, or are one of those rare women who gives birth in like an hour, the pain builds so, um, I know it sounds stupid, you can get used to it and adjust.
It's not like you go from 0 to 100 in sixty seconds, like with an accident or snakebite or whatever.

You will surprise yourself. And just remember, unlike other pain, you know it will eventually end. No one stays in labor forever, although it might feel like it. LOL!

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