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I'm so happy you posted the author and the title. I heard about this book this summer in france but forgot the details. I only remembered the title was something like No kids, i think i tried to find out about it in internet. Let me see if i find something, i'd like to read it myself. Not that it matters but....


It's me encore.
I think you can order the book on if you have a usa or canada amazon account. I went through all the motions but stopped short of buying it. I guess they'll charge your credit card.


Do you want me to buy it for you?? I can check at the Virgin's store and then send it to you don't have to ask you mother in law!! lol


You know, I finally was able to open blogspot blogs yesterday, without a proxy like anonymouse, but today I can't. It seems like the firewall was just teasing. Typepad is ok now though.

I've heard about this book, by the way. I think I posted about it on fwc, or maybe it was on the other forum. The author seems kind of mean, but I sort of want to read it too. Only bits seem to have been translated into English though, and I don't know French, so you'll just have to review it for me when you get your hands on it.


Before I had my son, a guy I disliked quite intensely said to me, 'your life's really going to change.' 'What a banal thing to say,' I thought. 'Duhh...' But now, eight and a half years later, I feel like I'm just coming to grips with the ramifications of how much in fact my life has changed and how there's no going back. Similarly, a friend with two young school-age kids said to me this summer that before when she saw someone who was pregnant she would get really excited for them; now she just looks at them from afar and thinks, 'you have NO idea what you're getting into...' So I think there's probably quite a lot of interesting stuff in that gal's book and it bears saying. Then again, I think the push to reproduce and have children is something fundamental and inherent in most people's biological programming, and we will continue to have kids no matter how logical the reasons are not to. Gut instincts beat rational decisions every time. And you get more hugs that way too.


You mean my life is going to change? Shudder! A blog post is a'coming on that subject.

I think Hubs is going to get me the book (right?)'s going to be an interesting read.

the french saucisse

olga you have ruined my bday present, what am i supposed to get that fat arse of dongurigal?

the french saucisse

Mam Meir should have a trip to the kingdom of far far away and a bit aka Vietnam, and she would be stunned that actually vietnamese do not worry as much about consequences of reproduction and keep on having babies like crazy. I guess most of the people in our area are not concerned about a lot of things, and having kids is just another one, just like driving a motorbike on the road and not worrying about their surrounding.

i guess it's a state of mind that most techno western should think about after all? (I mean for the kids part not the blind driving. kills me each time I get in a car)

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