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Sorry to read that you are still sick. Bambina is sick too and tomorrow I'm off to Milan so Wouter had to take the day off, but he is quite enjoying the idea of staying home with her. Thay should leave on Wed evening for Lyon and then drive to Saint Maxime the next day. I will join them on Friday. Too bad that the weather isn't great...quite cold I would say!!
Take good care of yourself...!! Baci


Hope you feel bette soon. I got a comment from you and I was so shocked I thought you must be in Canada already!

As for the only in Canada part- do you mean the financial redress?? LOL


yep, Jenn, financial redress, very Canadian-- and I should have written "official apology!" No, I'm not in Canada yet, but the post office internet provider guys must be sleeping today. They'll be back to censoring soon.

Olga--hope Bambina gets better soon.

ann adams

I'm sorry I haven't been around more and even sorrier that you're ill.

That janitor certainly covered all the bases as we say here.

Thanks so much for you kind words today.


Sorry you are feeling crappy. I hope you get better soon. Be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of juice/water! :-)Thanks for the comment on my blog- I have missed you!


Thanks for sparing us your phlegmy details!!


Hope you're feeling better - at least your toilet flushes again! (I hope)

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