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Did you happen to see the specially marked sandboxes in Hong Kong for dogs to poo in? (I have a picture of one taken at the top of the Peak.)


No power I can live with but no internet?!! I wouldn't last a day!


Oh and I neglected to mention that our kitchen sink drain pipe had separated from the wall drain during our absence. When I did some dishes, the water gushed out like blood from a severed artery. Maaaaaan.


Jean--no I didn't notice the sandboxes. But I have seen the sandboxes in my Parisian banlieu--have I seen a dog actually use those? NOPE.


I've never seen dogs in Paris use public sandboxes either - they've all been trained to use the sidewalks.
Bummer about the drain pipe issue!
It is still raining outside? You might be able to do your dishes in the rain instead. :-)

Kuri & Ping

How was your trip in Hong Kong?? :) Did the rainy season start in Vietnam yet or is it at a different time of the year? I hope it gets sunny again soon! :)

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