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No chance of a trip to the world's biggest mall (for now) while you're in Saskatchewan? I'll be there June 17- Aug 10.


Have a good trip!


Enjoy being able to flush toilets when you want (or need to!) and have a good trip!


Thanks for the well wishes and Jenn, a trip to the worlds largest shopping mall might be in order. I'll keep you posted!

And hey, who knows, I might even blog here again beforehand.


Hey hallo there!!! I'm glad to read that you are ok despite the weather and that secluded place where you staying!! Hang in's almost over! When do you exactly arrive in Paris??? We leave for Naples on the 14/15th of July so I really hope that I can make it to see you anyway....!!
Take care of yourself these last never-ending days...!!


Hi, first time for me to post and completely off topic here, but I just read an article in the Japan Times about a fund raising activity for room to read, an organization that promotes literacy. I noticed that they have a chapter in viet nam, so thought you might be interested. Hope that you are over your virus and are surviviing the heat. Nancy Tsurumaki in Tokyo

ann adams

Have a great time!! I've heard the prairie provinces are beautiful and very friendly.

Kuri & Ping

Sounds like you're all ready for your trip! Hope you have a great long will you be away?

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