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Have a great trip! If I were you, I would use the excuse to go shopping for some funky new clothes as you will undoubtedly need stuff for Paris in the summer as well! ;-) I hear clothing is cheap in HK as well.


Thank you so much for your support on my "blogging crisis"! Especially because it comes from you it's even more appreciated!!
I hate preparing "luggages" : I never know what to wear and when I think I know... it's wrong!! These days I try to compensate my wrong choice of cloathing with attitude! And it's working sometime!!
I have been in HK many, many years ago...and I am curious to read your point of view of this controversial city!!
Have a great time with Hubs in splendid HK!!


Aha -- I wondered what in the world you were doing with that t-shirt! Hong Kong is all about SHOPPING -- no need to worry, just bring an empty suitcase or two!

Kuri & Ping

Enjoy HK! The last time I went there was in 97, right before it was given back to China. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your fab vacation! :)


I'm with Olga - Hong Kong is about shopping! Hope you just went naked with 3 empty suitcases! have a great trip!

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