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Seeing as 'suck it up!' is one of my favorite expressions, what with that phrase being outlawed it's hard for me to comment! The 9-5 routine will eventually find you Dongurigal - if that's what you want - until then hang in there and enjoy those damn fine beaches and afternoons at the pool!


Hello there!! I read you, I always do...sometimes I wish I had more time to comment and say funny things to cheer you up, or say wise things to ponder...!
But nothing funny or wise comes to my mind so, for once, I shut up...and listen! And I listen carefully! B


Here's to 9 - 5!! OR EVEN LONGER!!!! Woooooo. I love routine, I'm actually very boring that way.

Hello Olga, I can seeeeee you...I know you're reading, so don't worry about not having enough time to comment. I check stats like an obsessive nerd to see who's reading, that's all.

You'll both be happy to know that my mood is a tiny bit sunnier today.


so you're from Japan? I found your blog thru the Expat website.


Beautiful photos! But I still can imagine very well how you feel. Why don't you start writing a book or so? Plenty of time to do so. And it seems to me that people are very interested in people like you that lived at several places and have to tell something about it. I am!


Thanks Yvonne--I really should get off my butt and do something creative like that.

Hi An--I'm from Canada, used to live in Japan, but now live in Vietnam.


Sorry T and D...nothing worse than anything heard in a locker room or dorm at X.
Hey, I thought this was a porn site, with those alluring titles. Man, am I ever bummed out.
KOM, we love you so much here in the flatlands, and you will never be able to complain and moan enough to turn us off (despite what you think). I dare you..
And if you envy 9-5 life, how about 8-7 work days? Even better.
Love you and miss boy in the bubble


Hi there Mr boy in the bubble,

I've got the POWA!----to make a couple of anonymity edits to your comment. (hope you don't mind, but I don't know if the folks want their names right under the words cocksucker and fuck)...

Do you really work 8 days a week?

See you in June where I will moan so much you'll be rue-ing what you wrote here.


hey there babe. i just wanted you to know that i read your blog through bloglines. since i can see a whole post there, i hardly come here, so i don't show up on your site meter. but i do read your new posts. *smooches*


Whether you suck it up or not, I'm still reading your blog!
I so understand where you're coming from. I just moved to Germany due to my other half's work, and while everyone is telling me to enjoy the new experience and enjoy not having the 9-5 daily grind, I'm bored and hanging out to get back into the daily grind!

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