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Toi ten la? I always said Toi la Misty and we got along just fine with my ex roommate's Vietnamese family.

But you need to realize this. You are a distant cousin of the Empire. Twice removed, but still. It is your God given right to speak English, and only English. Just increase the volume gradually until they get what you're on about.

Works for me every time!



Money talks. Ain't that the truth.

I can't remember attempting any Vietnamese on the short trip I was there, but your language scenario is EXTREMELY familiar to me from Thailand and China. What's that saying -- 'white kids can't dunk' is it? I say 'white kids can't do tonal languages worth jack.'


Did some VN studying last night and no bloody wonder the kids didn't understand me. Not only was my accent appalling, but I was calling them--boys and girls--auntie (CHI) as opposed to hey, you lower life form (EM).

Just like Japanese--I should be used to the five million ways to say YOU.

Tonal languages--yep, impossible. I just don't hear it. Maybe I'll just stick to speaking English REALLY LOUD!

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