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ann adams

We fight them here all the time and sometimes I think they're winning.



Cockroaches are the bain of my existence. Actually, my colleagues and I were talking about cockroaches today so the topic is quite timely. Disgusting, but timely. :)


Hilarious story about the bathtub! One of those suggestions from Cosmo that you can just tell is NOT going to work out!! Can't believe the compassion you guys have for cockroaches -- most bugs, yes, but cockroaches, NOOOOO!!!!!


LOL 50 times Kath
I dislike dislike dislike roaches.
Hope i dont see any in my hotel in Martinique. I always worry about roaches in martinique and guadeloupe. Some french seem to see them as toys. In Basel (Bale) i was stunned to see roach chocolates. Yack!! I have to show this post to Bernard. ha ha in Kuwait ha ha

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