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Autumn started in Paris. Two nights ago we had a big storm but I was sleeping so deep that did not hear a thing. Trees are becoming more skinnier and leaves are piling on the streets. Temperatures is dropping slowly and I see some scarfs...!Christmas lights will start on Nov. 24th?? What will do for X-Mas?? Decorate a palm tree??


I like the template! I bought Photoshop this summer; had wanted it for a while but couldn't bear to have to slog my way through yet another software program in Japanese so waited until I could get it in English. Anyway, I love it! What font did you use for 'Dongurigal' on the template? I like the 'g' a lot.


Jean the font is Trebuchet. Do you have that font? I know what you mean about struggling with software in another language. Used to do it in Japanese. My photoshop is in English, but when I use Hub's laptop, ugh, french!!

Olga--autumn in paris sounds divine. Hey, have a great time sipping tea with your mom in Italia!

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