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mirror mirror, on the wall...


Dongurigal!! I love it!! It's so nice your new blog! Like the colour very much! And I did not doubt that it would be "green"!! By the way I am sick too, but at least the weather has been "lenient"! Does this word exist?? Bisous


Hey you! Good to hear things are going well in Vietnam, even if you can`t read all of the blogspot blogs!! If you are interested (and I won`t flatter myself in thinking that you are but just in case!) in any of the pictures I post, you can check them out at flickr:

ann adams

You still can't comment?

I need to update your link - now.

ann adams

Somehow I missed putting you on the blogroll. It's fixed. Big oops.

Dengue fever?? The only time I've had an i.v. was less than a week after I went to live in Thailand. The heat just totally knocked me out (I think). My first self-diagnosis was malaria though!

P.S. the above comment was from me, Jean. And I like the look of the new Dongurigal, too!


can you read blog-city blogs? Like this one:

or blogs like this one:

there are other places in the world that can't access blogspot blogs, and I am thinking to set up a mirror blog for me to.

If you tell me which one of those you could read, I will choose accordingly!




Excellent!!! I've just added it to bloglines. :)


Oh Good, the links worked in blogspot.

So this is where you'll find me for the time being--however long that is, here in Nam.

I really was sick but nothing tropical. Laid up in bed for 2 whole days, shaking and shivering and worrying that I had malaria. But it was just your common garden flu. Then the typhoon hit, and knocked out the internet for another 2 days. Stuck in the hotel too. Doesn't give one a whole lot to blog about, unless you're into reading navel gazing posts!!

Midori--I can see your photos through bloglines (unless the RSS feed is wonky that particular day), but thanks for the flickr link too.

Ann--thanks for putting me one your blogroll. But no, I can't comment on your blog, sadly. Sniff.

Misty--I could access both iblog and blog-city. Makes me wonder if google (blogger owner, I believe) has self-censored in Vietnam (communist country) although it only seems to be a problem in this region. Weird.

And to all the rest of you--Xin Chao. I learned the word for hurricane yesterday. Bao. Not exactly useful in the marketplace, though.


Ok, here is my mirror site, just for you!

I will duplicate all the posts, starting today. The first one is up already. Unless you want me to go backwards a bit.


Thanks Montchan, I'll add it to bloglines as well.

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