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The Original Dongurigal


I used to be a world-wandering teacher. Now I am a blogger, reader, beach-walker, spouse-trailer, napper, swimmer, NHK-TV watcher, daily noodle eater, bicycle kamikaze, neophyte artist, and an EFL teacher, on the side.

I can be all this because I live in rural Vietnam, not in Canada, where it would be expected I get a real job and behave myself.

Sept 2007 Update: I am back in Canada because I am pregnant. Our baby is due in mid-December (actually Dec 26, but we'll see. I really really want to pig out on Christmas dinner and not have to worry about delivery the very next day. Is it too much to ask.). Hubs is still in Vietnam and baby and I will go back there in February 2008, Inshallah!

May 2008 Update: Right. I didn't go back to Vietnam. I'm in Qatar now. With Hubs. And Sproglette. She was born in early January, so I got to pig out at Christmas. I also pigged out the day before she was born--which was actually not a whole day but more like about 7 hours. Had a Vietnamese steak sandwich and a whole heap of fries. I think that's kind of ironic.